About this software

Blood Detective Professional Edition software, is a simple-to-use software that provides health-nutrition reports complete with nutritional supplement recommendations (from many companies), food plans and more – all personalized for your patients unique "biochemical individuality".  Impress your patients by literally "writing the book” on them in just minutes in the form of comprehensive reports that are unmatched!  

Your patients will be impressed with your ability to more precisely target their nutritional needs, help promote faster results and most importantly, get them better so they can enjoy their lives thus transforming your patients into Raving Fans! 

  • Your patients want answers and Blood Detective helps reveal both obvious and "hidden” clues in blood work and other types of tests.
  • Your patients want YOU to be the very best!  Stand out as a Blood Detective!
  • Provide individualized treatments that your patients can relate to.
  • MARKET yourself and your practice with Blood Detective branding…because this technology helps your fulfill your branding core-principle to provide individualized, natural treatments so that your patients can stay and get well.

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